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Create your NFT project's terms and conditions (aka terms of use or terms of service) to license your NFTs and protect your business.

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Take advantage of Project Libby's terms and conditions generator to help your NFT business limit liability, combat legal disputes, establish intellectual property license terms, and NFT royalty percentage terms.


Customize your NFT license and royalties.

Terms and conditions are a critical agreement between you and the NFT purchaser that protects your intellectual property and royalties of your NFT sales. It is required by law that you give notice of your royalties to NFT subsequent purchasers, and terms of use provide this notice. Terms and conditions are also crucial if you want to prevent negative user behavior, protect your copyrights, or limit your liability as a blockchain developer.

In the event of a disagreement with a user, or a legal dispute, terms and conditions can protect your business. Adding details about your NFT content (aka image, artwork, or copyright)  restrictions make it clear when your NFT holder is in the wrong. Your terms and conditions should specify what happens to the NFT content rights and what happens in the case of a legal dispute.


Made to limit your risk of a lawsuit.

As a blockchain developer and business owner, it's important to have disclaimers that limit your liability. Our NFT terms protect your business.

Some laws require you to publish and display information about user rights and behavior. Transparency becomes even more important with new technology, such as blockchain and NFTs.

Terms and conditions is also a best business practice. They can help you in the event of a legal dispute or copyright claim, because it is a legally binding agreement between the NFT project creator and the NFT holder.

Including terms on your NFT collection's website helps you establish your copyright licensing terms, and other intellectual property rights, disclaims liabilities associated with Metamask or other blockchain wallet payments, and determine how legal disputes will be handled.

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All NFT projects can use this generator.

Terms and conditions are the critical legal framework for your NFT projects. They incorporate the NFT license, and limit your risk as a blockchain developer and business owner.


Generate your NFT terms and conditions.

You do not need prior legal expertise to use this generator. You only need to know your NFT business.

Website Terms

Limiting your liability for NFT drops on your website and more.

NFT Licenses

Giving your purchasers the limited right to use your artwork.

Confidential Information

Critical employee agreement dictating community wallet use and more.

Influencer Agreements

Build a strong partnership to endorse your NFTs with clear obligations.


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Terms and Conditions (aka Terms of Use or Terms of Service)

Terms and Conditions (aka Terms of Use or Terms of Service)

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Define the rights of NFT owners, artists and creators.
Create a monetization framework with fees and royalties.
Limit your liability as a blockchain developer and business owner.
Protect the hard work and creativity of your images.
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Terms and Conditions FAQ

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