NFT Terms and Conditions FAQ

February 1, 2022

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What are NFT terms and conditions? NFT terms and conditions, also known as terms of service or terms of use, are a legal agreement between the NFT project creator and the NFT holder.

What is the difference between terms and conditions, terms of use, and terms of service? Terms and conditions, terms of use, and terms of service all refer to the same legal agreement. Some types of businesses may prefer to use one of these titles over the rest. You can change use the title that you’d like to use or even create your own.

Where should terms and conditions be displayed? Terms of use should be displayed in visible places on your website. Most often, business place the terms and conditions in the NFT collection's website footer. You should make it easy for people to find your terms, so that they can be most effective and help reduce liabilities.

Do I need a lawyer for my terms and conditions? No, you do not need a lawyer for a terms of use agreement. Terms of use are legally binding, even if a lawyer has't written your terms. To create terms without a lawyer, you can Project Libby's terms of service generator.