Terms and Conditions (aka Terms of Use or Terms of Service)

Our terms of use generator will walk you through the questions needed to build your own terms of use.

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Our generator provides definitions, answers to common questions, and helper text throughout, designed to help you quickly and accurately answer the questions. After you answer all the questions, the terms of service generator will assemble your final document andsend to you within 24 hours.

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Terms and Conditions (aka Terms of Use or Terms of Service)
$ 250.00 USD

Within 24 hours of filling out our form, you'll receive a document ready, as-is, to download and link as "Terms" in the footer of your website.

Define the rights of NFT owners, artists and creators.
Create a monetization framework with fees and royalties.
Limit your liability as a blockchain developer and business owner.
Protect the hard work and creativity of your images.